Case Modding

Modifying a computer does not only concern upgrading the hardware, but is mainly about designing an individual piece of art which perfectly matches your own demands. Most of our cases are built from scratch, but we also modify individual PCs to get a unique outer appearance, customized functions, light elements or water cooling systems. We build custom cases for exhibitions/conventions, product promotions, and individual demands.

If you are interested in getting a unique case or want to re-design your own computer, just send your request via our contact form or email to



Backup Operator


Black Widow

Thor´s Hammer

Pokemon Monitor

Star Wars X-Wing


I choose You

Hunter Warrior

Project Venom

Star Wars Rebellion Monitor


Data Core

USS Dragon-1

Dalek Dev

Call the Doctor

Arcade Dragon



Behemoth Battlecruiser

Pink Princess

The Ecosphere

Nocturnal Hunter

Steam Machine